Reliable Recall Class Homework Week 6

Practice all of the games you have learned. You need to practice every day for 90 days. You need to practice in lots of places with increasing distractions and distance as well as in sight and out of sight recalls.


Once you feel you and your dog have mastered both the emergency recall (the dogs name) and the everyday recall you will need to play the recall games weekly in various places to maintain the recall. If you find you have lost the recall then start from the beginning and practice every day.


If your dog stops recalling check the week 5 homework to rule out any problems on your end. It could be that you have gone too long in-between practice sessions to maintain the recall. If you think that is the case then work through the play exercises daily until you have the recall back to a satisfactory level and continue to play the come games more frequently.


Remember if you don’t use it, you loose it. This is true of training with dogs. Practice regularly through out the dogs’ life. Don’t get lazy and only practice the easy steps. You must practice with high distractions also.


Remember to practice the emergency recall by placing the recall treat in the dogs’ mouth and calling his name at the same time. Do this at least once a day for the duration of the dogs’ life.