Reliable Recall Class Homework Week 3

Goals 100 check ins for name 100 check ins for recall

Praise 50 check ins the dog did on his own.

Start adding distractions.


Catch me –  Owner runs away with squeaky toy or fun sounds or treats. The handler holds dog until he is excited then lets the dog run to owner. The owner praises plays and  fine dines.


Say ” the recall” only when you are prepared to reinforce heavily – for at least 20-30 seconds! If you don’t have any treats or toys on you, you can RUN to them, all the while keeping your dog’s attention on you. Stop short  Make sure the dog comes within a few inches – do not reach out to feed the dog. Lavish the dog with praise and good rubs.


Add Distraction:

.  The key in setting up your dog to succeed is to START SMALL again. Start by increasing to out of sight recalls.  Do not ask your dog to recall from 50 feet while your daughter plays with a ball.  While there is a mild distraction ask your dog to just LOOK at you right next to you and treat before adding more distance again.  You should work up to recalling your dog away from other dogs, from other members of the household, and away from toys and food.  Remember to add distance and distraction SEPARATELY, always set the dog up to succeed and don’t increase your criteria until you are 99% certain your dog will recall immediately to you.  Also, once the dog has recalled to you, RELEASE the dog to go and explore the distraction.  Recalls should not mean ‘the fun stops here’