Reliable Recall Class Homework Week 2

We are taking it to the next level

Say your dogs name like his life depends on him looking at you. DON’T Be SHY! He only has you to save him. Now mark it with a happy “YES” and praise.


Say your recall when your dog is about 10 feet away. Be sure he will come when you say it. As soon as he starts to come Reward every step the dog makes toward you. “yes, yes, good dog, yes. Fine dine the food reward or have a good play with the toy.


Fine dining and fast food & praise. – Stop being so stingy. You would like a better paycheck, so would your dog. Be Happy enthusiastic. Make sure that treat is worth $10,000.00. Be generous with the praise. If you are using a toy really play with the toy with your dog or if he likes to run off and play with the toy then praise him while you hand him the toy and while he is playing with it.


Puppy in the middle with fine dining, no fast food.

 Practice puppy in the middle with family and friends. Make sure your dog will come. If he doesn’t you have gone too far too fast. Have fun, set your dog up to win at this. Play it everywhere.

Play it with treats and toys.

Just use name for this week.  You say his name, he looks, mark with yes, and start praising for every step he takes towards you. Fine dine when he gets to you. Now it is the other persons turn. Move further and further away.


Lay over the recall if you are playing fetch when your dog is coming to you with the toy.  Lay over the recall if your dog is coming to you for breakfast or dinner.



Use the drag line this week while you practice other commands and play. Make it fun. Practice stepping on the line so that it will stop at one of the knots.


Goal this week get 100 correct recalls or 10 each day using the dogs name.

Get 50 correct recalls using the recall or 5 each day.