Reliable Recall Class Homework Week 1

Week 1 homework

Load the “yes” marker.

Load the dogs name

Load the really fun recall you have come up with.

Reward and praise all check ins.

Homework – get 100 correct responses this week, or at least 10 a day.



The recall or come command is in my mind is the most important command you can teach your dog. It could save your dogs life. It will certainly save you a lot of frustration, fear, anger and anxiety .

You will have to practice the steps in the homework for at least 90 days straight. Spend a few minutes at variable times practicing. Don’t set a schedule  so that you are always doing your homework at say 5:00. Your dog will think he only has to “come at 5:00” You need to mix things up and practice in different places with different distractions. Work up slowly to the distractions start with something that is a small distraction for your dog. If your dog is a social Sally or bunny chaser you are not going to practice the recall homework with other dogs or bunnies in the area until you get close to the 80 day mark. Go slowly, be patient, be consistent. Most of all be vigilant in paying attention to be sure your dog will respond.



Suggestions for fun recalls are:

Here here

Lets get a biscuit

Zippity doo dah

Party party

To me to me

I got food

Merry Christmas

Happy Birthday Yeahhh

The recall should sound fun and happy… a dog party. If you can’t say it fun and happy find something different.


We will be training 2 different recalls one for every day, one for emergency.


The emergency recall will become a Conditioned response – a reflex reaction to a specific signal.



We have different responses to come, so do our dogs. For example your child might say Mom can you come here?  Your response might be “In a minute”.


If your Child screams mom in pain, you drop and run. This is a reflex reaction to a specific signal. We will condition this response with your dog.


Foundation for success.

  1. 1.    Find the paycheck

The paycheck has to be worth the sacrifice. Find a million dollar treat for both the everyday recall and the emergency recall. You don’t want to work for very low pay and neither does your dog. Everyone is amazed at the loyalty and dedication of police and search dogs. They are that loyal and dedicated because the paycheck is very motivating. Lots and lots of praise this is the best part of the paycheck for your dog, and a substantial “cash reward” either a wonderful toy or wonderful food. Find rewards your dog loves anything – toys, food, going out, going in, ride in car, fort in car (my dogs love to sit or lay in the car with a toy while I am cleaning windows or dash or getting out groceries.).

Every reward builds the relationship and makes it stronger.


  1. Every time your dog comes to you praise him even if you didn’t give him the recall phrase  – these are check-ins.
  2. Create marker and load marker. Create and load the marker, you will say a word such as “Yes” and put a treat in the dogs      mouth each time you say it. You will do this 10 times each day. Yes and treat.
  3. Never call your dog for anything unpleasant – go get the dog
  4. Don’t call your dog to you if you think he won’t come.
  5. Never use the “cash reward” the treat or toy for any other reward than the recall.
  6. As soon as your dog starts coming start praising and give the reward when he gets there. Be exuberant with your praise. Always release the dog after the praise and reward if he was doing something he thought was fun. Let him go back to the fun thing.
  7. Do not call your dog for anything that is unpleasant to him or stops any fun he is having, go to him. Do not talk, simply go get him.
  8. Do not allow your dog to escape during the next several weeks up to 3 months.
  9. Have him use a drag line so he gets used to it. Just let him drag it around when you are not working with him.



Your relationship Human/dog bond must be a relationship built on trust from the dogs point of view. Use only positive training methods. If you get stuck in a situation and can’t figure out a positive techniques for the problem call me.


Use a long line with knots tied every 3-5 feet to prevent your dog from running away.

If you must do something unpleasant like give the dog a bath, clip a matt or trim nails. Do not talk to the dog. Go get the dog and do what needs to be done. Use treats and praise while doing the unpleasant thing.


Name Game –use the dogs name. You will say the name in a manner to get the dogs attention. Say it like you would if he is running in front of a car, or a pay attention to me tone that you would naturally use. Say his name lots of different ways; loud, whisper, happy, angry etc. while you say his name put a treat in his mouth


Practice fine dining instead of fast food. Give the treat slowly keeping the dog with you and praising and treating for 20-30 seconds minimum.