It goes away, food will come to you
Handle feet
NAIL CLIPPING – Clip bamboo skewers and treat the pup.
Sounds with play

Practice brushing gently, make it fun. Remember the things we do to our dogs are not normal for them. They have to get used to how strange and odd our behavior and interaction with them is. Don’t be stingy with the praise. Talk in a soft voice while grooming this will help keep your dog relaxed.
Practice with the nail clipper and bamboo skewer. If you have a friend to help have them treat the puppy and handle his feet while you clip the bamboo skewer.


Daina Beckman
Happy Tails Dog Behavior & Training

Place your dog in a sit or down position. Give the command “stay” using a confident voice. Believe in yourself and your dog. (practice in front of the mirror as with other commands). Place your hand palm out about 4-8 inches away from your dogs nose and hold it there as you confidently say “stay”. You should be standing about one or two steps away from the dog.
If you adopted your dog he may shy away from an open hand. Why?? Because he has been slapped, or someone has grabed at his collar to stop him. If this is the case you can use your fist with your knuckles facing the dog.

Stand in place and count to 3 quietly to yourself keeping your gaze on your dog. Step forward and praise & treat your dog for a “good stay”
While standing about 2 steps away give the command “stay” with your palm facing your dog and now begin to increase the count. First to 5 then 10 then 20 then try 45 seconds, and up to 2 minutes.
Once you have achieved 2 minutes at two steps away begin again. This time try to be 4 or 5 steps away and start with a count of 10.
You are going to gradually increase the distance and the time alternating as above.

If your dog moves from the spot don’t say anything to him. Simply place him back in the same spot you had him and start again.

Be sure to treat and praise with a happy voice if your dog accomplishes the stay. YOU GO TO HIM TO TREAT AND PRAISE DO NOT HAVE HIM COME TO YOU.
Gradually stop giving the treats but continue with lots of praise every time.

Do not punish or tell your dog no if he breaks the stay. Simply put him back without talking and try again. As with other training commands if either of you get frustrated stop and change to a command you are both good at and end on a positive note.

As you know I feel the recall is the most important command. The stay is the second most important. This command can also keep your dog safe and free from harm. I feel personally that the minimum goal should be 10 minutes with you out of sight, 20 minutes with you in sight. Many of you know that at times I would put Shelby in a stay during class and she would stay even if I forgot that I put her in a stay. Shelby’s stay with me out of sight was about 30 minutes. With me in sight more than an hour.

This is important because… If I break a glass on the floor she will not walk in it while I clean it up. If someone is hurt I can keep her away from the excitement. If crazy people happen to come by and I have to deal with them I can keep her away. When we are at the veterinarian I can give her the command “stand and stay” so that she can be examined, get her shots or treatment.