Private Dog Training


Behavior modification appointments are private one on one sessions  with a dog behavior specialist. I wil email you a questionnaire if you choose this service. Prices vary depending on the dogs age and the behavior problem.

Happy Tales Dog behavior & Training helps dog owners turn their frustrating stories into happy tales. I educate dog owners about the psychology of their dogs. I use dog psychology and dog language to rehabilitate dogs with unacceptable behavior problems. I can work with ANY dog behavior problem including: jumping up, barking, digging, leash pulling, inappropriate eliminating, biting, aggression, sibling rivalry, pawing, fears, phobias, travel fears and more.  I can help educate owners on containment and how to prevent running away.
The root of the dogs’ behavior problems are determined through an extensive questionnaire, at times I recommend a visit to the dogs veterinarian to rule out medical problems.  Once the problem areas are assessed, a behavior modification plan is designed and implemented to correct the problems.  I use only gentile and proven methods to modify dog behavior. Having the right equipment and toys makes a big difference for you and your dog I can help you choose what will work for both of you. I will help you with all your dogs behavior problems for one fee. I will address as many problems in a visit as you and your dog can manage.

Puppy training with Marley

A small sample of the learn to heel video.