House Training

This is an actual call that I took some years ago while working for a local Veterinarian.

“Hello, Affordable Veterinary Services”. A frustrated woman was on the other end of the phone. “I have tried everything to housetrain my dog”. “I even squatted and peed on the papers to show him what to do.” “He just doesn’t get it, he’s hopeless!”
“Okay. Take him out on a schedule.”  “Start with once an hour for the first week or so, then increase the time to 1 1/2 hours, then 2 hours and so on.” (how often you take the dog out depends on his age.)  “As soon as you get to the place you want him to go, say “go potty” repeatedly. As soon as he starts to squat, (or lift his leg) start to praise him.”  “When he is finished give him a treat while continuing the praise. Take him right back in the house”. “When you take him out for exploration and play, don’t say go potty”. If he does go, praise him with “good boy go potty”.  “If he goes in the house, ignore it; don’t let him see you clean it up.” “If you see him going, stop him with a clap of your hands, and take him out to his spot and give the command go potty”. “If you want him to pee outside, don’t teach him to pee in the house.” She replied, “It’s that simple?” “Yup.” she then asked “No papers, no rubbing his nose in it, no spanking?” “NO! That will not work.”
Two weeks later she called to thank me. Her dog was housetrained. Now when she is in a hurry he will go on command.


*Note: If your dog has previously been house trained and starts to pee or poop in the house he most likely has a medical problem. Please call your veterinarian.

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