Dog Chewing Tip

Puppies and some adult dogs explore with their mouths. Creating a safe environment could mean the difference between life and death for your dog. Keep everything that dogs and puppy’s should not have out of their environment.  Dog toys should not be so small that they can get suck in their mouth or throat, or swallowed. That includes large dogs and tennis balls.

I worked in veterinary surgery for 7 years. I saw everything from small toys and string to plastic wrap, tube socks, rocks, sticks & bone fragments removed from stomachs and bowels of dogs and puppies. Not all survived.

The second part to this is knowing your dogs’ habits. If his  defecating or urinating habits change, if he is vomiting, or is acting lethargic, or not eating or drinking; these could be signs of a blocked bowel or stomach or other serious problems. Most people wait longer than they should to call their veterinarian when their dog is sick. Call your veterinarian at the first sign of illness. Your dog will suffer less, he will have a better chance at surviving and it will be cheaper for you in most cases.


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