I am a dog behavior specialist or dog behavior consultant (dog psychologist) depending on what part of the country you are in. Some of my educational background is veterinary technician, ethology, animal and canine behavior, canine  psychology, canine environment and society and some human psychology.


I developed and perfected the Psychological Heel. This dog psychology training tool is designed to build owner confidence, increase the dogs trust in the owner, repair the human/dog bond, clarify communication between dog and owner, begin to restructure the pack and lower the dogs cortisol level making it easier to correct dog psychology and dog training and give the leash handler better control over the dog. It teaches the dog to focus on the leash handler.

I worked as a veterinary technician in all aspects of a veterinary practice.

  In 2005 I was awarded the Golden Paw Award by the Hornell Area Humane Society.


My education includes canine anatomy, canine and small animal physiology, pharmacology, canine diet and nutrition, small animal disease, small animal disease treatment and prevention, , animal surgery, labs and other curricular requirements that a veterinary technician would take. I also have education in canine neuropsychology, canine normal behavior and learning, canine development and growth, abnormal canine behavior, clinical behavioral medicine, umweldt, ethology and the language of dogs. I have also studied specific areas of dog behavior such as dog aggression,  dog separation anxiety, puppy training and learning, dog developmental stages, rehabilitation of shelter dogs, puppy temperament training, restoring harmony between animals in the home, dog body postures, extinction bursts and spontaneous recovery. I take classes and attend seminars yearly to ensure that my clients get the most up to date information and dog psychology behavior modification techniques. I also have a business degree.


I am a published author/ co editor On 4 books. The most current is Top Tips from Top Trainers. I am an ezine expert author.


I am veterinarian recommended  in my local area, and can supply you with references upon your request.


I am a member of APDT and the Dog Behavior Think Tank, The Dog Aggression Think Tank and B.E.N.


I subscribe to several veterinary journals and behavioral science journals to be sure I am educated about current research. I take classes, Seminars and attend conferences on Dog Psychology, Dog Behavior and Dog Training yearly.


I have been helping dogs and their owners for many years. I specialize  in dog aggression and separation anxiety. I enjoy working with all aspects of dog behavior. I have extensive experience with all dog behavior problems.


I use only positive dog training methods to modify unwanted dog behavior and problems with dog psychology.


My mission is to save dogs lives, and create a better bond between dogs and their owners.

Euthanasia due to behavior problems is the leading cause of death in dogs. I believe the vast majority of these dogs would be saved if their owners had access to someone who could help them change their dogs unwanted behaviors and help them understand what their dog is thinking and why the dog is doing what he is doing and the correct and posative way to chane it.

I am one behavior specialist who is willing to share my knowledge. If I can share what I know with you and you share that with 2 people then there will be 3 people who will have a better happier relationship with their dogs. Their dogs will have a better longer life.




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